Pool Guardians provides superior pool management services for country clubs, resorts, hotels, and summer camps throughout the United States.

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Certifications and Training for Lifeguards

At Pool Guardians, an unsurpassed quality of lifeguard training and certification courses like no other has been established! We have trained thousands of students, teenagers and adults throughout the United States in virtually every aquatic field, including lifeguard training for pools and spas at country clubs, resorts, hotels, summer camps and beaches.


Customized Lifeguard Training for Your Facility

Despite where your facility is located in the United States, Pool Guardians may be able to travel to you to teach adequate lifeguard training and lifeguard certification courses. We understand that every facility and staff operates differently, which is the main reason that we prefer to travel to you. When we train at your facility, we use that time to analyze and address potentially dangerous areas in or around your pools and spas in order to fully educate you and your employees. We will work towards a common goal to prevent future accidents. Once everyone at the facility better understands each potential danger zone, your lifeguards will be able to better understand the facility they are working in and can be more prepared in the face of an emergency.

Summer Camps
When working with your summer camp program, we specialize in custom tailoring our lifeguard training program to fit the best interests of your facility. Pool Guardians has certified thousands of camp counselors and staff members in both American Red Cross Pool Lifeguarding and Waterfront Lifeguarding. Your lifeguards can be certified on either or both depending on the location of your summer camp. Unlike any other training company in the nation, Pool Guardians will work with you to fit your facility's busy schedule to ensure that we can conduct our lifeguard training courses and give you the ability to conduct your own summer staff orientation. We offer summer camp group discounts for a larger group of individuals looking to become lifeguard certified. Contact us for more information on receiving the group discount for your summer camp facility today!

Classes We Offer for Lifeguard Training
Pool Guardians offers an array of classes, including:

  • Red Cross Lifeguarding Program
    • Lifeguarding
    • Waterfront Lifeguarding
    • Shallow Water Attendant
    • Lifeguard Management
    • Lifeguarding Instructor

  • Red Cross Water Safety Program
    • Water Safety Instructor
    • Learn-to-Swim Classes
    • Basic Water Rescue
    • Water Safety Today
    • WHALES Tales

  • Red Cross CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Program
    • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer Instructor
    • CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer
    • Oxygen Administration
    • Bloodborne Pathogens: Preventing Disease Transmission

  • Red Cross Lay Responder First Aid and CPR/AED Program
    • First Aid / CPR / AED for the Workplace, Schools and Community Instructor
    • CPR (Adult, Child, Infant)
    • Automated External Defibrillator Training
    • Epi-Pen Training
    • Asthma Inhaler Training
    • Injury Control Modules

Reserve your space today to ensure that your lifeguards are fully certified in the proper lifeguard training courses!

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American Red Cross Courses
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We offer quality Red Cross certification and training programs that are unsurpassed by any other aquatic training company in the nation.

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